Machine Learning and AIs

Discussion group 3 – QUAD
11th October 2018

The third discussion group held at QUAD, Derby hosted by Andrew Fergus Wilson (Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Derby University) and Joey Holder (Artist).

In this meeting we asked:

What does the term AI mean to you?

How will AIs (artificial intelligences) change the way humans work?

Do you think that fears about the ‘technological singularity’ are justified?

Can we build a mind from a computer? What kind of mind are we talking about? A conscious mind?

Should humans be more open to body enhancement and augmentation?

The term Artificial Intelligence is hugely disputed and the term often brings about visions of the technological singularity pointing towards a time in the future whereby humans would be over taken by machines. These questions are central to our view of computers and how far they can go, of computation and its ultimate meaning–and of the mind and how it works.

Please bring along your own material – readings, evidence, etc that you believe correlate to these questions, or simply turn up! These questions correspond with Joey Holder’s exhibition Adcredo: The Deep Belief Network, currently in QUAD’s gallery.

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